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16/01/22 - SM Hydraulics Ltd Series Round 1 -Ellesmere Speedway

Heat 1: 1. 23C Jack Brownlees[8]; 2. 55N Lakyn Thompson[4]; 3. 7C Isabelle Clark[14]; 4. 10C Malakai Webb[13]; 5. 63C Ethan Smith[12]; 6. 54C Jackson Clark[6]; 7. 54N Kohen Thompson[3]; 8. 18N Conley Webley[10]; 9. 48N Locky Martin[11]; 10. 23N Bailey Bensemann[9]; 11. 72C Brooke Clark[2]; 12. 62C Brodie Morris[15]; 13. 9C Romeo Warren-Webb[1]; 14. 8N Meneka Rawson[5]; 15. 12C Ben Everett[18]; 16. 71N Darcy Rasmussen[16]; 17. 89C Lukus Smith[19]; 18. 21C Tom Everett[20]; 19. 12N Taylor Martin[7]; 20. 88N Mack Rawson[21]; DNF. Braith Pelling[17]

Heat 2: 1. 23C Jack Brownlees[11]; 2. 10C Malakai Webb[8]; 3. 7C Isabelle Clark[5]; 4. 63C Ethan Smith[7]; 5. 48N Locky Martin[10]; 6. 55N Lakyn Thompson[15]; 7. 54N Kohen Thompson[18]; 8. 23N Bailey Bensemann[12]; 9. 18N Conley Webley[9]; 10. 12C Ben Everett[1]; 11. 8N Meneka Rawson[16]; 12. 72C Brooke Clark[13]; 13. 71N Darcy Rasmussen[3]; 14. 9C Romeo Warren-Webb[17]; 15. 89C Lukus Smith[2]; 16. 21C Tom Everett[20]; 17.12N Taylor Martin[14]; 18. 88N Mack Rawson[21]; DNF. 78C Braith Pelling[4]; DNF. 62C Brodie Morris[6]; DNF. 54C Jackson Clark[13]

Feature: 1. 23C Jack Brownlees[2]; 2. 48N Locky Martin[6]; 3. 7C Isabelle Clark[1]; 4. 55N Lakyn Thompson[4]; 5. 63C Ethan Smith[5]; 6. 54N Kohen Thompson[7]; 7. 54C Jackson Clark[14]; 8. 8N Meneka Rawson[11]; 9. 71N Darcy Rasmussen[15]; 10. 12C Ben Everett[12]; 11. 89C Lukus Smith[16]; 12. 78C Braith Pelling[20]; 13. 21C Tom Everett[17]; 14. 12N Taylor Martin[19]; 15. 88N Mack Rawson[21]; 16. 62C Brodie Morris[18]; 17. 18N Conley Webley[8]; 18. 72C Brooke Clark[10]; 19. 23N Bailey Bensemann[9]; 20. 10C Malakai Webb[3]; DNS. 9C Romeo Warren-Webb[13]

The feature race was called off due to a crash. Results were recorded by the rep as they were under the red light conditions.

No hard charger award was given out due to the circumstances of race completion.


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